"A new genre of immersive focus game"

"Difficult but gripping. Synchrom astonishes and makes you want to dive in"

Skywilly, Game Side Story

"Synchrom quickly becomes devilishly addictive"

Gautoz, Gamekult

Updates !

We're are very excited to announce our first major Update on Synchrom. It's on steam right now !http://store.steampowered.com/app/393740

Posted by Morphiks on vendredi 2 octobre 2015

What is Synchrom ?

Synchrom is a new genre of immersive focus game. Revisiting shooter, musical and puzzle game mechanics, it rises your skill to a new level.

In this new kind of music game mixing reflexes, anticipation and sense of rhythm, you can take control of a Synchrom, a mysterious spiritual device that can channel the pulses of light energy. Your mission is to defend the Light against Cryptangles, a race of chromophage machine-gods.

Making quick decisions based on both musical and visual elements is the key to lead your Synchrom to the victory. Your inner focus ability is our last hope.

Unlock up to 7 difficulty modifiers to activate in 3 game modes to increase your score and build new Synchroms.

Explore 4 unique musical atmospheres through 50+ different tracks.

Put your skills to the test in an explosive and colorful 3D world, sharpen your senses and show precision to defeat your opponents.


  • Minimalist and intense gameplay
  • Bright, explosive design
  • Alternative indie soundtrack


  • Level up your Synchroms to unleash their full potential
  • Loot and assemble powerful Synchrom prototypes
  • Play on Mac, PC and Linux thanks to our own HTML5 and WebGL engine


  • Unlock epic modes, difficulty modifiers and hold the highscore
  • Challenge the world with the online leaderboards
  • Co-op multiplayer, get your friends to join you at any moment on touchscreen!